Traditional and Present Dresses

Calico Museum of textiles in Ahmedabad has many traditional Indian clothes. Various kind of bed sheets, curtains, tradition clothes for men, women and children are collected there. All work done on the clothes is very minute and beautiful. Except beauty the most important point is that the museum have traditional Indian clothes for men and women of around 17th century. For women traditional dresses were sarees, fulkaris etc. For men traditional dresses were some sherwani kind of dress. Please visit this site to see the dress:

Now the point here is I have seen many women in traditional dress but never any men in traditional dress. Is it the sole responsibility of women to keep the Indian tradition alive.

Here I want to say that it is very good that today Indian men have completely change their dressing style according to their comfort. They wear trousers, shirts, jeans. Please note that trousers, shirts, jeans etc. were never Indian dresses for men. Problem comes when we talk about women. Why our society is taking so much time to understand women’s comfort. Even today there are the places where women wearing trouser and shirt need to fight for her right to choose dress. She is told many things like Is she a Indian women?, Why is she wearing men’s cloth?, try to behave like girls etc. etc. Please note that in today’s working scenario women needs to be in comfortable dress to work. Note that sarees, fulkares etc. are very very difficult to manage especially working in office. As long as the dress is decent one should have right to choose the dress.

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Female Foeticide: a root cause

Since my childhood, I was taught about female foeticide first in school and then in college. There were quite frequent programs arranged in college to make us aware about the severity of the problem. Even newspapers and news channels have always something to say about the topic.
Is it really a so big problem? Yes it is, as we all know. What can be the possible reasons? At the name of GOD, what we can see Parents only. Do they (Parents) not love girl child? Are they naturally biased for a boy child? It is very difficult to digest. Then why more than a few parents kill their girl child even before her birth.
The root reason lies in our marriage rules: By default woman is supposed to leave her home and parents after marriage. Of course when parents know that the child they will grow up, educate and make her stand, will not be with them in their old age, then why will they like to give her birth. So there is a forced bias for a boy child.
Now the question is what can be the solution? Our marriage rules may have equally probable chances for a boy and a girl to stay back with their parents after marriage. While searching for a spouse, we give some preferences like age, education, employment etc. Similarly this can be one point that whether the boy or the girl will shift OR both families may stay together. The point is there should not be any fixed rule imposed on one gender.

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