Budget 2014:Beti padhao beti badhao yojana

The 2014 budget for India is announced. Jaitley announces ‘Beti padhao, beti badhao yojana’ and sets aside Rs 100 crore for this. I didn’t see anything like ‘Beta padhao, beta badhao yojana’. Why? Don’t we need to save our ‘betas’ and give them education. Ofcourse, we do need. But still Modi government is worried only about girl child. Do our government biased towards girls. No, a big no. Government (being part of Indian society only) understand the social problem. And the problem is such that the one half of our children are at life risk. Yes, actually we all are at risk from sources like terrorism, road accidents, some diseases etc. But in these cases all the risk factors are not targeting one particular gender. Most of the time, terrorism is from foreign nations. But our ‘Betis’ are under threat in their own country, in their own city, in their own street, in their own house and many time by their own parents or grand parents. We have to see what kind of people we are. We are worse than any terrorist. Terrorists kill others, but we kill our own people. I can understand India spending money on armed forces to protest the country from outer disturbances. But it is very difficult to understand the money being spent to save a child from her own family, from her own parents. I feel ashamed to be a citizen of a country where we need to have plans in the country budget to save the child from her own family.

Many people claim that they love their daughters and give them whatever they deserve. But they can not do anything if their neighbor or relatives are doing something wrong with their daughters. Here, I want to say that we take pride of sacrifices of freedom fighters, kalpana chawla, Indian cricket team, Indian armed forces etc. And most of the times, we don’t have any contribution in these things, but still we feel proud to be an Indian because of some good people. Now, if we can take pride of the things for which we have no contribution, then we must be responsible of the problems in India. And as far as the problem of female foeticide is concerned, we people only can do something. Government can not help much. Because this is in-house problems where government has almost no control. It’s our fundamental duty to find the reasons and solution of the problem.

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One Response to Budget 2014:Beti padhao beti badhao yojana

  1. Prakhar says:

    I am pretty sure that soul of that blog is to “give some moral education to your boys” or that famous video “ladke rulate nahi hai”. If yes I completely agree, but taking reference of “Beti padhao beti badhao yojana” is not looking convincing. As far I know about that yojana it was about education not about moral education, and education is required as to get justice its very importance to put our view strongly properly. One should know his/her rights, one should know what is wrong what is right, and for all this one should be educated. Currently I feel many thing do not come up as our beti do not aware about their rights or society gave them wrong information. I guess thats what that yojana for to gave our beti education and to make them self-dependent. Few days back I was watching one discussion on NDTV their one lady was saying even today 80% of customer for NET is men, I guess this difference for accessing basic infrastructure and knowledge will be address by this yojana. Its just my point of view I might be wrong.

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