Diwali: Please no unnecessary pollution this time

This year Diwali festival is on Nov 3, 2013. Most of us are much excited to celebrate and have full fun. Celebration and fun are good ideas. But please remember the promises made during school and college time. I am sure most of us were taught in schools and colleges for not to burn fireworks/crackers. Please do recall that and adhere to it. I hope atleast educated people understand that the teachings of schools and colleges are meaningful.

Most of us think that Diwali comes once in a year and we should have lots of fun. My friends, yes, Diwali comes once in year, but it comes every year. Also introspect yourself, do you really enjoy burning firework? More or less it is like burning Rupees notes. I think that we just believe that we should enjoy burning firework, but actually we don’t.

Then, comes the point of pollution created by firework. Almost everyone says that they love their children like anything. What kind of atmosphere (air) they are leaving behind for their children. What kind of entertainment is this? It is like burning the earth and enjoy. If we want to pollute the planet earth for no benefit, then what is meaning of Mother Earth. Some people argue for use of vehicle, LPG and other things which are creating pollution, then why to stop only burning firework. Vehicles are used for transport, LPG is used for cooking etc., but burning fireworks has only bad impact. And yes, every year, we celebrate Earth’s Day where people discuss how to decrease the emissions of pollutants. Unfortunately, many of us who discuss the issue just discuss only. No implement.

Also, some people argue that most the pollution is created by Autorickshaw wala (three wheeler) and I am creating only little by burning firework. Here I want to point out that Auto wala is poor men/women and earning his/her livelihood. He is not educated enough to understand and financial strong to take care of it. For that we need think of ways to give better option to Auto walas than to blame them. The point is, firstly, we should be able see what are we doing. If we educated people can not understand, then how can we expect the other to understand.

Finally, many of us think that burning fireworks on Diwali is a “Shagun”. Please use your mind. How burning such a thing which is polluting the air you breathe can be “shagun”. For those who believe in story of Ramayana, it is no where mentioned that people burn firework which Mr. Ram reached Ayodya.

In this article, my main concern is for educated people. If all educated people understand and stop burning firework, rest can be made understand easily.

As far as entertainment is concerned, there are bundle of ways. WE can play games, we can have new clothes, we may prepare and eat special dishes, we may celebrate with poor and needy people etc. etc.

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