Karva Chauth: One of the reasons for killing of women

Karva Chauth is a festival on which a married woman observe fast for whole day for the long life of her husband. Yes, she loves him and want him to live long. But there is no balance of the tradition, I mean there is no fast to be observed by a man for his wife. Does he not love his wife? Whatever, atleast so called India’s rich tradition seems to be biased as far as karva chauth is concerned.

Only woman fasting for her husband shows the importance of life of a man. But probably woman’s life is not so important. If woman is not important; killing her for dowry, killing her before birth etc. is not a big deal. So India’s tradition of karva chauth is ‘oil in the fire of women killing’.

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2 Responses to Karva Chauth: One of the reasons for killing of women

  1. I agree with you. How does starving proves love? I do not understand. Why should anybody fast to display love? If somebody loves someone, then (s)he spends time with that person and behaves properly, lovingly, takes care etc. Karava Chauth is not about love, it is merely a exhibition of the deep rooted dogma and the stupidity in Indian culture.

  2. Prakhar says:

    I think such tradition or sindoor or mangalsutra or anything is a way to show love/affection/care to there partner and this should be.completely one’s choice how he/she want to express it……but I always wonder why there is nothing for man…………may be because we always have chanda mama, billi mausi……..we do not have chanda tau…or billi chachi……….

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