Dowry: A big reason for many crimes

Whenever we talk about dowry, people say that dowry is the part of love and affection which parents give to the in-laws of their daughter at her marriage. But there are many cases where such love has proved hell for their daughter and sometimes even for other women. Many times in greed for more and more money in dowry, in-laws gives a lot of pain to the so called loving daughter. There is also no deficiency in cases where the married woman is abandoned or even killed by in-laws so that they can get dowry by remarrying their son. We might not have seen these extreme cases in our near relations. But as far as dowry is concerned we all accept it. Just think, normally the man and the woman going to marry belongs to families of similar financial status. It really does not matter if do not accept or offer any thing in dowry. But by doing so we can be great helper to our society. Those who are getting dowry, believe me that dowry amount can be easily earn in few days. But if we stick to dowry custom, we are unknowingly harming other and may be some times our own close relatives. People without any feelings for others make bad use of dowry custom. Let’s not be part of crime. Society call us well educated. Let us make use of that education and boycott dowry in any form. Believe me, it is not as difficult as we think. We have to be determined. My friends, lets pledge that there will be no dowry involvement in our own marriage, at least. I again stress that dowry amount is not going to make any difference in the life of family who going to get it. But by abandoning this very-very BAD system, we may save many lives.

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3 Responses to Dowry: A big reason for many crimes

  1. Lyazzat says:

    You are right, Pooja. Actually, I can’t understand how come this tradition appeared (o_0)))) You give your beloved daughter to a stranger and even give him a dowry. It is like you say, thank you for releasing me from her. Something like that? Do they not like women so much?

    • Pooja Jindal says:

      Dear Lyazzat
      It is not like that people don’t like women. Those who are troubling women can harm anyone whether man or woman. But unfortunately, women are victims in many cases. Actually people give dowry so that their daughter can live safely in her in-laws home. I have seen the cases where in-laws give a lot of pain to woman if she has got less money in dowry. And here I want to put efforts to remove this dowry or money involved at marriage time. I am not saying that it should be other way around i.e. man side giving money to women side. In that case it will be like purchasing women. I want to emphasis that women is a human being not a thing who can be moved of one home to another at her marriage. In nutshell, root cause of all these crimes are bad tradition of women leaving home after marriage and changing her identity i.e. change of surname.

  2. Prakhar says:

    Very true, I too believe if you want money earn it no need to become beggar/robber for that.

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