Traditional and Present Dresses

Calico Museum of textiles in Ahmedabad has many traditional Indian clothes. Various kind of bed sheets, curtains, tradition clothes for men, women and children are collected there. All work done on the clothes is very minute and beautiful. Except beauty the most important point is that the museum have traditional Indian clothes for men and women of around 17th century. For women traditional dresses were sarees, fulkaris etc. For men traditional dresses were some sherwani kind of dress. Please visit this site to see the dress:

Now the point here is I have seen many women in traditional dress but never any men in traditional dress. Is it the sole responsibility of women to keep the Indian tradition alive.

Here I want to say that it is very good that today Indian men have completely change their dressing style according to their comfort. They wear trousers, shirts, jeans. Please note that trousers, shirts, jeans etc. were never Indian dresses for men. Problem comes when we talk about women. Why our society is taking so much time to understand women’s comfort. Even today there are the places where women wearing trouser and shirt need to fight for her right to choose dress. She is told many things like Is she a Indian women?, Why is she wearing men’s cloth?, try to behave like girls etc. etc. Please note that in today’s working scenario women needs to be in comfortable dress to work. Note that sarees, fulkares etc. are very very difficult to manage especially working in office. As long as the dress is decent one should have right to choose the dress.

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4 Responses to Traditional and Present Dresses

  1. K Gupta says:

    Good , Nice blog , keep writing

    • vandita11 says:

      The rigth to chosse always lies with oneself. Just that one need to be confident enough to carry it. People say all kinds of things. The point is how much immune/sensitive we should be to what others say.

  2. Lyazzat says:

    I like indian woman dress =) but i should notice I mean not saree, but shalvar and kurta (sorry, if I write the dresses’ names wrong). It is so comfortable. I’d like to wear it in my country but unfortunately I can’t.

    • Pooja Jindal says:

      Dear Lyazzat
      Let me first ask u why can’t u wear it in ur country. It is at least decent. Secondly anything good for you may not be good for others. Third, anything forced is always bad unless it is useful to others or it is ethically incorrect. And I feel that if one is given freedom for dress, it is ethically good only. Moreover let me repeat, our Indian men never wear any of Indian dress and no one has problem for them. But problem comes when women want her right to chose her dress.

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