Female Foeticide: a root cause

Since my childhood, I was taught about female foeticide first in school and then in college. There were quite frequent programs arranged in college to make us aware about the severity of the problem. Even newspapers and news channels have always something to say about the topic.
Is it really a so big problem? Yes it is, as we all know. What can be the possible reasons? At the name of GOD, what we can see Parents only. Do they (Parents) not love girl child? Are they naturally biased for a boy child? It is very difficult to digest. Then why more than a few parents kill their girl child even before her birth.
The root reason lies in our marriage rules: By default woman is supposed to leave her home and parents after marriage. Of course when parents know that the child they will grow up, educate and make her stand, will not be with them in their old age, then why will they like to give her birth. So there is a forced bias for a boy child.
Now the question is what can be the solution? Our marriage rules may have equally probable chances for a boy and a girl to stay back with their parents after marriage. While searching for a spouse, we give some preferences like age, education, employment etc. Similarly this can be one point that whether the boy or the girl will shift OR both families may stay together. The point is there should not be any fixed rule imposed on one gender.

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3 Responses to Female Foeticide: a root cause

  1. Parijat Hasija says:

    Nuclear Family is a good conclusion as both (husband and wife) are mature enough to take their own decisions. Though living with parents too have a great advantages and moreover every child want to be under the blessings of their parents but provided they must be aware of the importance of a girl child as well. Awareness among the older generation is the most important factor which will surely affect the percentage of such happenings like Female foeticide.

  2. K Gupta says:

    HI Pooja,
    the problem persists not because of just the girl leaving the house and going to other house. It is deep rooted in our mentality.
    i mean, according to traditional thoughts , boy takes his parents to heaven. he can make his parents life hell when they are alive but after death he will weave their path to heaven. Do not you think it is a bullshit. Due to our patriarchical society only father’s name is carried over. so boys will carry over your family’s name but girl will carry some other family’s name.
    one more reason which is also equally responsible is ” the dowry system”. even our educated is not able to shake this system and it is growing more and more. So this problem of female foeticide is so much deep rooted in our mindsets that one need a progressive thinking to come out of it. Our education system is failing in this regard. we are just creating robots and clerks who works but do not think.
    K Gupta

    • Pooja Jindal says:

      I am completely agree with the points you have mentioned. But I feel when the girl doesn’t have her own home, its very difficult to fight with all bullshits. We are in need to break the system of calling father’s home and husband’s home.
      I also feel that some stories which has been associated with religion are responsible for worse condition of India. E.g. Character Sita (in the story of Ramayana) leaving her home after marriage. As Ram and Sita are supposed to GOD (which are ofcourse not), people say that rules followed by God should be followed by human being.

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